Custom Ductwork

Ductwork.jpgWith our own custom ductwork fabrication shop on site, Victory Skaggs can produce any ductwork you need. That makes “hard to install” projects a lot easier when you work with us!

Designed to Fit

Older homes need special ductwork designs. Commercial and manufacturing properties need unique ductwork installations. New, custom built homes may need custom-built ducts. Extensions, dormers and re-purposed rooms need custom solutions. Victory Skaggs can produce the ductwork you need so your air conditioning and heating systems work to their full capacity.

Custom ductwork just works better:

  • Fewer leaks/better sealed connections
  • Better system efficiency
  • Proper sizing
  • Longer lasting

Special Sizes

Our fabrication shop can make ductwork in all shapes and sizes to provide the proper amount of conditioned air right where it’s needed. We design, fabricate and install complex ductwork systems for manufacturing facilities, single-room home additions and projects of all sizes between!

Properly sized ductwork makes your air conditioning and heating systems work better. With appropriate air flow, the equipment can properly cycle on and off without straining and deliver even levels of conditioned air throughout the property.

Don’t settle for less. Protect your investment and your home with custom ductwork from Victory Skaggs.

Onsite Fabrication Shop

Our onsite fabrication shop is fully equipped to handle all your sheet metal and ductwork needs.

  • Complete ductwork and installation for new construction
  • Upgrades of existing ductwork
  • Dormers, basements, additions
  • Vertical and flat elbows
  • Duct reducers
  • Custom offsets and risers
  • Return air plenums
  • Specialty fittings
  • And more!